Project Brief


Government of India has set an ambitious target of adding 100 GW solar energy capacity by 2022.

In accordance with the same, Ultrashine Solar is committed towards developing a total 100 MW decentralized Ultrashine Solar Park in different locations of Gujarat by 2022 for selling generated electricity to third party (Large industrial/commercial electricity consumers) under open access route.


investment target achieved


₹ 46.2 cr invested till date

₹ 0 ₹ 105 cr

Ultrashine Solar Park


An initiative by Ultrashine Solar to make India energy independent through developing clean and green energy generating solar parks.

highlights why invest?

  • Guaranteed passive income for 25+ Years
  • 20%+ IRR
  • 5-6 Yrs Payback Period
  • Upto 75% Project Finance Available
  • 38,000 tonnes per MW CO2 emission reduction
  • Remote monitoring system
  • PPA : min Rs 5 per Kwh (unit) for 5-7 years
  • Contribution towards India’s Energy Independence
  • Land acquisition, planning, PPA, commissioning, EPC and O&M for 25 years by Ultrashine Solar

How it works?

Investor owns the solar plant (in Ultrashine Solar Park) and ensures timely availability of required funds and (collateral for project loan).

Ultrashine Solar plans, arrange power purchaser for PPA, develops, operates and maintains the solar plant through out its 25 years life span.

Investor shares mutually agreed % of revenue generated from solar plant with Ultrashine Solar.


project details


25 MW

Targeted combined capacity

₹ 105 cr

Targeted investment

30th November 2020

Targeted date

11 MW

Capacity achieved till date

₹ 46.2 cr

Investment raised till date

₹ 4.2 cr

Estimated Investment per MW

Upto 25% (equity) : 75% (loan)


Different locations in Gujarat


Min ₹ 5 per Kwh (5-7 years)

PPA (third party)


Land status

By Ultrashine Solar

Planning, commissioning, EPC, O&M

Revenue sharing

Business Model